Trumpton Riots

News: Trumpton University has begun work on establishing the causal links and behaviour that resulted in the Trumpton riots earlier this month. Several, as yet untested, hypothesese exist on the causal components of the unrest including Fire Brigade manning & daily salt intake levels.

Listen to “Less is More” on TBC Radio Vier for further insight:

Update: Trumptonland PM invites city police chief to help. Officer Dibble was acclaimed for his no-nonsense appoach to civil disorder on the mean streets of Lost Angles. Critics say that he was just lucky and unrulely behaviour just “returned to the mean” (Prof T. Cat, Lost Angles Law School, 1987) during his tenure.

Fact: Trumptonshire, lying at the heart of Greater Trumptonland, has an area of 1235 km². It is twinned with the rural district of Oaktown in Upper Barbaria.


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