Boardroom Just a Minute !

Further to blog from 19th Sept:

IDEA: Wouldn’t it be useful if all boardroom agenda items were only allowed to last one minute, conducted without repetition, deviation, hesitation and the other thing.

I replied to a retweet from @TimHarford on @LucyMarcus’s piece “It’s time to fix our boardrooms” with the above comment, partly in jest, but partly from my own experience of less-than-disciplined boardroom and other meetings. The most satisfying meetings seem to be those with fewer items, discussed concisely (with little chaff and ego) and with meaningful decisions made. They tend to be relatively short meetings and one goes away with a clear sense of understanding and purpose. Less-than-satisfying meetings have too many points, drag on for hours and decisions can be made just to move on and get it over with.

Interestingly Lucy responded with: “Afraid part of problem is that’s the way they are already conducted. Some things need more time/consideration not less.” I actually agree that some items do need the time to work through actively at the right level (not just discussing opinions around the table), and other items need to be swiftly dealt with e.g. Just a Minute, to allow space for the critical ones.

For info, Lucy P Marcus seems quite prolific on executive, investment and general business/charity matters. Here’s a link to her website:

P.S. “Just a Minute” is on BBC Radio 4, Monday’s at 6.30pm (UK)

PPS. there is no “other thing”.



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