Pick yourself up, dust yourself off…

… and start all over again…

Lergy has run through the family – won’t go into details, but messy – and I feel I have to lighten the mood (and myself) after my last post.

Sparked by the re-titling of Jim Al-Khalili forthcoming series from “The Story of Electricity” (it did what it said on the tin) to  the more dramatic “Shock and Awe : The Story of Electricity”, here are my contributions from the sick-bed.

Stocking Drawer : The Story of Elasticity (Jim A-K retweeted this one. I’m famous !)

Slop and Gore : The Story of Surgery

Lock and Jaw : The History of Hepititis (in three parts)

Disk & Chips : The Story of Computers

Fibs & Tibs : The Story of Orthopedic Surgery

A Spock & Boole Story : The History of Logic

Any more ?


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