New Science Programmes with Jim Al-Khalili

Watch out for two new programmes with Jim Al-Khalili in the next few days:

1) Shock & Awe : The Story of Electricity, BBC4 at 9pm, Thursday 6th October. Link to a clippet :

2) The Scientific Life, BBC Radio 4, 9am on Tuesday 11th  October

I find Jim’s delivery unpatronising and engaging, and always find out lots of things that I didn’t know.

The TV producers also don’t waste lots of time sending him all of the world to make simple points (whilst flicking his hair in the wind, ‘cos he hasn’t got any), then repeating those points ad-nauseum just in case we didn’t hear them the first time, unlike some other science broadcasts. Hope they’re good. I’ll report back. (I hang around waiting for a science programme to turn up, then two arrive at the same time… see next blog)

STOP PRESS ! STOP PRESS ! See at 19.30 UK Tonight (5th Oct) for live streaming of interview / skit between Jim Al-Khalili and Dara O’ Briain, thence on You Tube.

Update: I expect JAK to be hosting chat-shows soon – very good.


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