Interesting Bits from this Week (1)

Just sharing some interesting items so far this week:

1) Complexity (Systems) in Economics :

– well the Nobel prize went to a pair that had looked at similar stuff to that which I’m interested in :

– This popped up as a live broadcast from the Institute of Govt, too on complexity, systems and the economy. It’s long and I’ve only skipped through, but it touches on a lots of familiar territory for me:

Download the MP4 file for further scrutiny.

2) The Scientific Life, BBC R4 9am: Fascinating insight of someone who has lived this life – Paul Nurse. Interesting episode when he changed from looking at yeast cell division to cancer – his new boss needed to convince people of the useful linkage:

3) Great stuff from today on the Very Large Telescope, looking through the early “fog” of neutral, uncharged Hydrogen:

4) Unemployment Stats out today : Not sure where I fit in these. Nice summary from ONS by the way (although I had a day-one pop at their website)

 5) Guardian: Leonardo DiCaprio tipped to play codebreaker Alan Turing !

What ? Mad ? Al Pacino to play Ludwig Wittgenstein ?

6) Oh and just in case you’re interested in building a Time Machine, here’s a quick guide:

Coming up:

Jim Al-Khalili’s : Stocking drawer : The Story of Electricity , Thursday at 9pm.

Marcus du Sautoy : Programme on the FLT Neutrinos debate – next Wednesday 19th Oct BBC2 evening.


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