Dark Energy: Dark Side or Dark Arts ?

I have a problem with Dark Energy.
Most of the problem is my own ignorance, but there’s still a niggle. Is it a bit of a fiddle factor ?
Adding “dark” as a prefix doesn’t help. Makes it sound sinister, mysterious, mythical, even denoting “of evil” . Does then Dark Energy belong to the Dark Side or the Dark Arts ?
I’ll start by scratching the surface of my own ingnorance.
Dark Energy is a hypothetical energy used to account for an apparent accelerated expansion rate of the Universe; observations for which some of the researchers (Saul Perlmutter, Brian P. Schmidt, Adam G. Riess) recently won the 2011 Nobel Prize for Physics. Over the past 17 years or so there appear to have been a number of hypotheses developed to explain this mysterious effect (there, I said it) – some more compelling or consistent than others. I’ve quickly scanned Wikipedia to summarise the main areas, and put them in a hierachical diagram, below.
It’s interesting to see that there are families of theories and hypotheses which try to explain Dark Energy (for which the Lambda-CDM or cosmological constant model seems most consistant with observation and some existing theories, though not quantum mechanics), as well as those which seek to bring together the phenomena that result in DE & DM, which feels a more elegant approach, but for which there is little evidence, and those which try to explain the apparent increase in the rate of expansion as an illusion created by local time conditions (local meaning only 2.5 Billion light years !), or more fundamental failures of General Relativity. It’s good to see that other avenues for investigation are not ignored in this tricky field. I guess that until we can measure directly or indirectly the unimaginably small quantities of energy density suggested e.g. 10^-29 g/cm³ or 0.00000000000000000000000000001  g/cm³ most of DE remains at best conjecture.
As for somantics, Dark Energy and it’s (sinister) sister Dark Matter should probably have simply been called Unknown Energy and Unknown Matter – doesn’t make great press.
Better still  something like “Invisible Energy & Matter”, since that’s what they really are, isn’t it ?
I shall come to my own “back-of-fag-packet theories” on this Invisible Energy once I delved deeper.
PS. I may even reflect on scientific approach and method, particularly in business.
PPS. This wasn’t the Dark Energy article you were looking for. Move along. Move Along.
PPPS. Don’t tell the Dark Lord we’ve lost his energy and worse his matter. Doesn’t take lightly to failure.

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3 Responses to Dark Energy: Dark Side or Dark Arts ?

  1. I have done some research of my own and it is quite clear to me that dark matter is bullshit and dark energy baked air.

  2. According to Professor Rodenbach, whom I met today, accelerated expansion is caused by abundant quantities of Dark Ale.

  3. Dr_JAH says:

    Thanks. I think that might fall into the Dark Fluid category. It’s certainly worth further investigation … off to the pub !

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