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Models & Modelability

Great reminders of the limitations of modelling by John Kay  today (30.11.11) , especially in economic context An Extract: “The models share a common approach. They pose the question: “How would we make our decision if we had complete knowledge of … Continue reading

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Export Strategy…

Prompted by news on Monday (21.11.11) of a drive for raising exports, presented at the CBI conference, I felt compelled to respond with my thoughts on the bigger “balance of trade” picture. As ever, it’s a bit raw, but I … Continue reading

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Visuals: More Maps and Diagrams

Interesting Graphics from the Week 1) Gambertsav Mountain Range in Antartica (link) 2) Relief Map of The Moon (link) 3) Those pesky neutrinos again. Spot the Neutrino. All from the BBC.

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An extract below from John Kay’s blog 16.11.11. The comments in red struck a chord (@TimHarford agreed) “When political leaders imagined they derived authority by divine right, they were tempted to believe that they had all the necessary talents – that … Continue reading

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Visuals: Maps & Mapping (1)

Some visually engaging extracts of maps that I’ve discovered over the last few days.   1) Product Space Map of UK (from the Atlas of Economic Complexity, Ricardo Hausmann of Harvard and Cesar Hidalgo of MIT )   I’m writing some more blog stuff on the … Continue reading

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Italian Growth Trends vs. UK

Just found got this through Twitter (via @TimHarford) on long-term growth trend of Italy (1960 onwards).   Sourced from :   Just for comparison I quickly knocked a UK version up (from the ONS data quarterly data I’ve been looking … Continue reading

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An Italian Cliffhanger

Oh dear. As attention moves away from Greece, we now enter real Italian Job territory… … “this is the self-preservation society…”

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