Visuals: Maps & Mapping (1)

Some visually engaging extracts of maps that I’ve discovered over the last few days.
1) Product Space Map of UK
(from the Atlas of Economic Complexity, Ricardo Hausmann of Harvard and Cesar Hidalgo of MIT )
I’m writing some more blog stuff on the Atlas, ECI, complexity and value but I thought I’d push some of the visuals out early to show how data and networks of connected information can be represented. Each node on this Product Space Map represents an exported product group, connected to “similar” products i.e. those requiring similar explicit and tacit knowledge [in their value streams). Maps from each of the 128 countries observed have the same structure and shape, but the nodes (if they exist) are of different sizes. The colours represent product groups.
At the moment it doesn’t completely fulfill my expectations of a good map, but it does engage me – get me to ask more questions. I’m still working through the documents on this. There’s a lot more behind this so see the links below to get more info.
Source: Ricardo Hausmann of Harvard and Cesar Hidalgo of MIT
Link: From @TimHarford link to
2) Map of Twitter Langauge Use
Source: Mike McCandless & Eric Fischer , via
3) Where Next for Lean Research (JAH 2010)
This is based on did something similar I did in 2006 to illustrate the territory and landscape that a particular department within the business needed to be aware of.

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