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Happy Winter Solstice 2011

I case you hadn’t realised, it’s the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere today. In fact it’s already happened , at 05.30 UK this morning, so the Sun has already started to processing southwards and the days will start to become imperceptably … Continue reading

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Quantum Recollection…

OK. It’s been a couple of days now. Let’s see if I can remember anything from Prof. Brian Cox’s Royal Institute lecture “A Night with the Stars” on quantum mechanics (18.12.11) … 1) Atoms made of mostly nothing. Forces keeping … Continue reading

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Systems of Scale: Underground Caverns

Having had a response from Dr. Alice Roberts on Twitter (@DrAliceRoberts) regarding her visit to a new London sewer, I’m drawn to the common use of ecclesiastical buildings to represent the size of underground cavernous spaces. We often hear of … Continue reading

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New Look Blog & Coming Up

Yep, I’ve been playing around with the site this weekend to make it look and function a bit differently (having seen Jim Al-Khalili’s sexy site was also using WordPress)   Stuff coming up this week These predictions were based on a throw … Continue reading

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Antarctic Archipelago ?

I think if all that ice melted from the look of this picture we’d all be talking about the Antarctic Archipelago instead of a continent – well, those of us who hadn’t drowned due to the rise in sea level. Nice pic today … Continue reading

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My Brush with GCHQ

Alright, I didn’t know the code was from GCHQ and I only saw it on the last night of the “game” (30.11.11), so I suspect I would have needed a lot longer than a couple of hours to crack (try infinitly long). I did however make … Continue reading

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Wellbeing – ONS First View

Initial attempts to characterise “wellbeing” have been published by the ONS today (01.12.11). They have released some simple analysis of the answer to 4 questions, namely: 1) ‘Overall, how satisfied are you with your life nowadays? 2) Overall, to what … Continue reading

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