New Look Blog & Coming Up

Yep, I’ve been playing around with the site this weekend to make it look and function a bit differently (having seen Jim Al-Khalili’s sexy site was also using WordPress)

Stuff coming up this week

These predictions were based on a throw of the dice, reading tea-leaves and some random guessing – tas good as most economists’ approach ?

Monday: UK comes to terms with effectively being shut out from the EU – bang go Maunufacturing Exports, Inward Investments, that Rebate and holiday homes in the Dordogne. Upside : Euro still up a creek, whatever Cameron would have done. UPDATE: not far off.

Tuesday: Hoorah! The Higgs Boson saves the Standard Model and the Euro in one go !!!

UPDATE: Some data & graphs, a lady called Fabiola and lots of Brian Cox.

Wednesday: Oh. Well. Not quite. We realise that the Higgs was only a mild 3-Sigma diversion. The Euro is still in the shit. Cable resigns and goes to work for fairies at the bottom of the garden (or Deutsche Bank). Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall takes over the role, having got bored with the fairies at the bottom of his garden. The fairies saw it differently, citing that Hugh was never interested in the Great Fairy Project, only ever having his own interests at heart. UPDATE: Actually only 2.3 Sigma, but hey. Vince & High still where they started.

Thursday: John Humphreys catches fire, live on the Today Programme. Put down to generator overload due to extreme hot-air and friction. Mrs. Higgins’ Bosom located with at least 5-sigma certainty by Mr. Higgins. UPDATE: Fire put out. Giggs Boso in court. Mr. Higgins happy.

Friday: Scotland, Wales and The Isle of Man declare UDI (I think it means Urinary Duct Infection) and detach themselves from an increasingly Londo-centric England. Wales sails for the Bay of Biscay in a coracl, Scotland invades Norway and the Isle of Man renames itself Sodor. Unfortunataly none have got access money as the Bank of England closed their accounts on Thursday (for “commercial reasons), so all need a sub from the EU – oh dear, no dice.

Talking of dice, my global economic forecasts for 2012 -2015 are as follows… 6, 2, 3, 3, 5 and the bonus roll 23.


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