Erdös Number ?

Do I have an Erdös Number, despite only having published three papers ?

The Erdös Number was the original form of tracing people-related connections through some defined network, of which the [Kevin] Bacon Number is most famous.

Here are the three papers and the logic followed.

My three papers:
Commercial application of ball unit domain refinement
D. Snell, J. Homewood and R. Taylor (not sure if this got published)
Domain refinement techniques for improved magnetic properties of high permeability grain oriented electrical steel
Ironmaking & steelmaking    ISSN  0301-9233
Annual Seminar of the EPSRC Engineering Doctorate Centre No2, Wales , ROYAUME-UNI (17/09/1996)
1997, vol. 24, no 1, pp. 31-103 (73 p.)  (14 ref.), pp. 84-89 
HOMEWOOD J. A. (1) ; SNELL D. (1) ; MOSES A. J. (2) ;
Soft Magnetic Materials 13 (which I went to in Grenoble)
J. Phys. IV France 08 (1998) Pr2-599-Pr2-602
DOI: 10.1051/jp4:19982138
A model for the prediction of performance of stress induced domain refinement techniques
J.A. Homewood1 and A.J. Moses2  

1) Quick scan of Google Scolar shows Prof. Tony Moses has more academic co-authors than Prof Phil Beckley, so take this line…

2) More arduous, but if you look at his earlier career when he was being supervised or mentored,  Prof. J.E.Thompson has significant links circa early 1970’s

3) OK. Let’s go back in Thompson’s list 1950 & 1960’s

4) Some earlier work on rotational hysteresis in non-oriented steels, including an “H.F. Sandham” who’s name turns up once in this field of work, but mostly in mathematics. Good. Most mathematicians have an Erdos number, so if HF is the same person in both counts, we have a link.

5) Scanning HF Sandham’s work, few co-authors come up, he’s a loner. A couple of collaborators include “MS Klamkin”, an unusual name – so let’s check the Erdos database of people with a number of 2 or less. YES ! He’s on it. Further checks reveal that he has an Erdos Number of 1 !!! A co-author with Erdos himself.

Now, Sandham should have been on the list too, so it must be incomplete.

OK. Providing there aren’t two HF Sandham’s authoring around 1960*, I have a link:

MS Klamkin :      Erdos No. 1

HF Sandham:     Erdos No. 2

JE Thompson:    Erdos No. 3

AJ Moses:           Erdos No. 4

JA Homewood: Erdos No. 5

Wow !!!


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