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Pythonomics (3) – The Spanish Imposition

Dateline: Madrid, Friday 22nd June 2012 with the Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, in Mardrid, in Spain. “When we said we wanted a bailout, we didn’t expect the Spanish Imposition” [Cue Music – Duh, duh, Daaaaah ] Lagarde and the IMF team … Continue reading

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Pythonomics (2): What did the Euro ever do for us ?

Revolution ! Rex is addressing a room of masked Greek MEPs beneath the European Parliament in 2015 … Rex: We get in through the underground heating system here … up through to the main audience chamber here … and the President’s wife’s bedroom is here. … Continue reading

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The Dead Euro Sketch

The cast: Mr. PRALINO  – Panagiotos Pikrammenis;  BANK OWNER – Mario Drahgi The Sketch: A customer enters a bank.   Mr. Pralino: ‘Ello, I wish to register a complaint. (The bank owner does not respond.)   Mr. Pralino: ‘Ello, Miss? Banker: What … Continue reading

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Wonders of the Sockiverse (1): The Single Sock Problem

Chapter 4: The Single Sock Problem (extracts) Faced by the aged-old conundrum of the “missing sock” (see photo of daughters’ single-sock array) I’m drawn to listing some plausible reasons for unisockness. In no particular order… 1) The Washing Machine Ate It … Continue reading

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Notes on the “Atlas of Complexity” (1)

My notes from Dec 2011… This “Atlas” was published in late 2011 and uses the concept of a “complexity index” and the use of a “product space” to represent some key features of an economy. 1) 2) The Atlas of Complexity has some potentially interesting aims, … Continue reading

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