Pythonomics (3) – The Spanish Imposition

Dateline: Madrid, Friday 22nd June 2012 with the Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, in Mardrid, in Spain.

“When we said we wanted a bailout, we didn’t expect the Spanish Imposition”

[Cue Music – Duh, duh, Daaaaah ]

Lagarde and the IMF team enter.

“NOBODY expects the Spanish Imposition !”

“Our chief weapon is sovereign debt relief …sovereign debt relief and fiscal union … fiscal union and sovereign debt relief…. ”

“Our two weapons are fiscal union and sovereign debt relief

“…and ruthless austerity…. ”

“Our *three* weapons are fiscal union, sovereign debt relief, and ruthless austerity…”

“and an almost fanatical devotion to the Euro…. ”

“Our *four*…no… ”

“*Amongst* our weapons…. ”

“Amongst our weaponry… ”

“are such elements as fiscal union, sovereign…. ”

“We’ll come in again.”


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