Economy: Looking at UK GDP Data (5) – 3 years on

Now wonder if this data includes elements of the ‘Black Economy’


It’s been 3 years since I last reviewed the UK GDP data with some analysis (GDP1, GDP2, GDP 3) and notes (GDP4). At that point GDP had been in a considerable dip for a number of quarters and showed a little indication of changing direction as an absolute measure or but not relative to the long term mean model, strongly correlating to an exponential growth pattern.

Not long after that the ONS changed their website and, it seemed, had eliminated the type of time series data I’d been using. I decided to leave further analysis on the back burner. Now 3 years on, I’ve looked again at the ONS site and found the updated file I was looking for – GDP back to 1948 (1955 for quarterly data).

This post is an initial look at the data with some re-analysis, so let’s start by looking at a graph…

Figure 1: Graph of Quarterly Gross Domestic…

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