Term & Short Termism

Originally posted a year ago. Anything changed ? #ukmfg


Prompted by the sale of several apparently successful UK engineering and manufacturing firms this year e.g. Invensys to Schneider Electric in August,  I feel that this grow-and-sell behaviour is reinforced, if not driven, by the short-term mindset, still common in British commercial culture and finance.

It is characterised, for example, by:

– An inability to think beyond the next financial or political period – at best 5 years, normally 1 year.

– Consequently little business ‘generational thinking’ is evident

– Re-inventing the wheel (and re-branding it)

– Selling off the foundational elements of what could be robust businesses or indeed sectors or economies, before allowing for them to develop.

– Selling off to outside interests transfers power, decision-making and the future into other’s hands, not necessarily to your own interests.

– Home-grown long-term-thinking manufacturing leaders are few and far between.

– UK Financial leaders & thinkers continue to undermine any greater future for a self-determining UK manufacturing sector.

– Low levels of investment in both the…

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