A Blog a Day Keeps the Doctor Awake (030115)

3rd January 2015

I think it’s time to try to redevelop some writing ability beyond that of a somewhat constrained 140 character tweet, so I’m going to use my underutilised blog site to help.

I’ve just started reading Prof. Alice Roberts’ new book ‘The Incredible Unlikeliness of Being: Evolution and the Making of Us’. Even early on, as I am, there are many fascinating insights about the development of various species’ characteristics, and ultimately our own, through an exploration of paleo-embryology and genomics, illustrated by Alice herself. I’ll pluck some snippets out in subsequent blogs, but so far I would say it is a book definitely worth having in your science collection. Tip: Best read in a mild Bristolian accent. Book details here

Interestingly, (for me at least) when Alice popped up on the BBC programme ‘Coast’, I was sure I’d seen her somewhere before. On checking, I found she’d studied medicine and anatomy at Cardiff back in the 90s. I studied my postgraduate degrees here at the time and had remembered her from the throng of student life, particularly the walk to college up and down Penylan Hill, distinctive by her gait and hair colour. Indeed, it turns out she studied in the medical year below my wife’s.

2015 brings the UK General Election to us. There should be plenty to comment on over the next few months.

I may add to the day’s blog as I think of things during the day, but now for breakfast.

Blimey, that’s 250 words, already.



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