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Economy: Looking at UK GDP Data (5) – 3 years on

It’s been 3 years since I last reviewed the UK GDP data with some analysis (GDP1, GDP2, GDP 3) and notes (GDP4). At that point GDP had been in a considerable dip for a number of quarters and showed a little indication of changing direction as an … Continue reading

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Economic Indications: PMI Service Index on downward trend

Back after 7 months. Found this graph (below) interesting, if simply because it reinforces the general view that many UK economic indicators are at best showing a stagnating economic picture, but more critically with this services indicator, slipping away. I’ve added red arrows to highlight a plausible 3-year downward trend, that … Continue reading

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Wonders of the Sockiverse (1): The Single Sock Problem

Chapter 4: The Single Sock Problem (extracts) Faced by the aged-old conundrum of the “missing sock” (see photo of daughters’ single-sock array) I’m drawn to listing some plausible reasons for unisockness. In no particular order… 1) The Washing Machine Ate It … Continue reading

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Models & Modelability

Great reminders of the limitations of modelling by John Kay  today (30.11.11) , especially in economic context An Extract: “The models share a common approach. They pose the question: “How would we make our decision if we had complete knowledge of … Continue reading

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GDP Data Quicky (4)

Interesting article on BBC today, after the first estimate of the UK GDP figures for Q3 came out. Particularly interested in the graph (from NIESR) below, which resembles the some of the deviation comparisons / analysis I’ve done in previous GDP … Continue reading

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The Power of Graphs

A compelling picture for an argument … … of accelerated global warming. Interesting cyclical fluctuations during 1800’s – real or functions of measurement ?

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System Sensitivity: Algorithmic Trading

I should have looked at what was staring me in the face. Look at the behaviour of the FTSE 100 over the last 26 years, in the graph below. Up until the late 90’s the growth of the index was … Continue reading

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