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Hermione’s Stone (2)

Minus Signs Hermione’s Stone (according to my alternative plot) was now, it seemed, firmly stuck in some sort of time loop, being picked up, thrown, picked up and thrown ad infinitum. What struck me by the diagram I had constructed, … Continue reading

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Hermione’s Stone (1)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban A couple of weeks ago now my family and I were watching said film. We’ve seen it many times so each viewing is an opportunity to spot something new. It was the scene … Continue reading

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Quantum Recollection…

OK. It’s been a couple of days now. Let’s see if I can remember anything from Prof. Brian Cox’s Royal Institute lecture “A Night with the Stars” on quantum mechanics (18.12.11) … 1) Atoms made of mostly nothing. Forces keeping … Continue reading

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New Look Blog & Coming Up

Yep, I’ve been playing around with the site this weekend to make it look and function a bit differently (having seen Jim Al-Khalili’s sexy site was also using WordPress)   Stuff coming up this week These predictions were based on a throw … Continue reading

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Visuals: More Maps and Diagrams

Interesting Graphics from the Week 1) Gambertsav Mountain Range in Antartica (link) 2) Relief Map of The Moon (link) 3) Those pesky neutrinos again. Spot the Neutrino. All from the BBC.

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Spot the Neutrino…

Use you’re skill and knowledge to spot the Faster-Than-Light Muon Neutrino…   … answers yesterday.

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Dark Energy: Dark Side or Dark Arts ?

I have a problem with Dark Energy. Most of the problem is my own ignorance, but there’s still a niggle. Is it a bit of a fiddle factor ? Adding “dark” as a prefix doesn’t help. Makes it sound sinister, mysterious, mythical, even denoting “of evil” . Does … Continue reading

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