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Hermione’s Stone (2)

Minus Signs Hermione’s Stone (according to my alternative plot) was now, it seemed, firmly stuck in some sort of time loop, being picked up, thrown, picked up and thrown ad infinitum. What struck me by the diagram I had constructed, … Continue reading

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Hermione’s Stone (1)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban A couple of weeks ago now my family and I were watching said film. We’ve seen it many times so each viewing is an opportunity to spot something new. It was the scene … Continue reading

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Galactic Washing Machine ?

A great picture from Hubble of  NGC 1073 which lies in the Cetus constellation (on a delicates spin-cycle by the looks of it) from the BBC website. Update: My washing machine has a Dark Garments setting. That’s lucky as they account for 83% of my clothes, … Continue reading

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Galactic Mornington Crescent – A Brief History of Mine

I have just started a game of Galactic Mornington Crescent on Twitter under #GalacticMorningtonCrescent. The origins of this variant of everyone’s favourite parlour game are steeped in myth, but it is suggested that during a normal game (Rules here), on BBC … Continue reading

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Quantum Recollection…

OK. It’s been a couple of days now. Let’s see if I can remember anything from Prof. Brian Cox’s Royal Institute lecture “A Night with the Stars” on quantum mechanics (18.12.11) … 1) Atoms made of mostly nothing. Forces keeping … Continue reading

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Visuals: More Maps and Diagrams

Interesting Graphics from the Week 1) Gambertsav Mountain Range in Antartica (link) 2) Relief Map of The Moon (link) 3) Those pesky neutrinos again. Spot the Neutrino. All from the BBC.

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The Fried Egg Nebula…

Interestingly IRAS 17163-3907, the Fried Egg Nebula, lies in the same constellation that the Bacon Cluster &  Sausage Cloud do. The the angular momentum of such galactic structures cannot be fully explained  by the observsble mass in and around them . It is suspected that some dark massive substance is involved,  possibly Brown Sauce. Having … Continue reading

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