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GDP : Key Performance Indicator ?

GDP: Key Performance Indicator One of the most influential indicators within most country’s suite of economic indictors is Gross Domestic Product (GDP), or more particularly it’s annual rate of change, ‘growth’. GDP itself was essentially invented to act as a … Continue reading

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Term & Short Termism

Prompted by the sale of several apparently successful UK engineering and manufacturing firms this year e.g. Invensys to Schneider Electric in August,  I feel that this grow-and-sell behaviour is reinforced, if not driven, by the short-term mindset, still common in British commercial culture and finance. It … Continue reading

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Letter from Bavaria (1)

Updated 22nd Jan 2013 Guten Morgen, I’m reminded that the German general election is just around the corner (in September or October 2013), with Sunday’s Niedersachsen vote going right down to the wire: the SDP/Grüne vote of 46.3% edging out … Continue reading

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Laissez-faire Capitalism: Thoughts

OK. This is a bit rough around the edges,  unfinished and a month after I wrote it, but here goes… 7th Feb 2012: I’m writing this post in response to Will Stirling’s interesting piece in The Manufacturer  on “Manufacturing and the … Continue reading

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Systems of Development

Prompted by an interesting blog on the results-agenda for development aid from Owen Barder this weekend I’m interested to hear some of the language and some understanding of systems and complexity permeating into the development aid environment. The discussion talks in and around … Continue reading

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Wellbeing – ONS First View

Initial attempts to characterise “wellbeing” have been published by the ONS today (01.12.11). They have released some simple analysis of the answer to 4 questions, namely: 1) ‘Overall, how satisfied are you with your life nowadays? 2) Overall, to what … Continue reading

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