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Economic Indications: PMI Service Index on downward trend

Back after 7 months. Found this graph (below) interesting, if simply because it reinforces the general view that many UK economic indicators are at best showing a stagnating economic picture, but more critically with this services indicator, slipping away. I’ve added red arrows to highlight a plausible 3-year downward trend, that … Continue reading

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Notes on the “Atlas of Complexity” (1)

My notes from Dec 2011… This “Atlas” was published in late 2011 and uses the concept of a “complexity index” and the use of a “product space” to represent some key features of an economy. 1) 2) The Atlas of Complexity has some potentially interesting aims, … Continue reading

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Export Strategy…

Prompted by news on Monday (21.11.11) of a drive for raising exports, presented at the CBI conference, I felt compelled to respond with my thoughts on the bigger “balance of trade” picture. As ever, it’s a bit raw, but I … Continue reading

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Visuals: Maps & Mapping (1)

Some visually engaging extracts of maps that I’ve discovered over the last few days.   1) Product Space Map of UK (from the Atlas of Economic Complexity, Ricardo Hausmann of Harvard and Cesar Hidalgo of MIT )   I’m writing some more blog stuff on the … Continue reading

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An Italian Cliffhanger

Oh dear. As attention moves away from Greece, we now enter real Italian Job territory… … “this is the self-preservation society…”

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Lean Starts at Home …

Lean Home ? Right. I’ve identified my customers (children, wife, cat), established value from the customer’s point-of-view using a customer survey (an impressive 66% postal feedback), drawn some value stream maps, identified waste, bottlenecks and opportunities for value creation, then 5S’d the clothes, SMED’d the … Continue reading

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Understanding GDP: Expenditure Method & Value Stream Networks

As promised, a while back, here is a continuation of my journey on understanding GDP, for the purpose of link economic outcomes to system behaviour. In this blog I’ll look at the expenditure method (GDP(E). I’ve skipped over the income method for the moment, … Continue reading

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