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Systems of Scale: Underground Caverns

Having had a response from Dr. Alice Roberts on Twitter (@DrAliceRoberts) regarding her visit to a new London sewer, I’m drawn to the common use of ecclesiastical buildings to represent the size of underground cavernous spaces. We often hear of … Continue reading

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Wellbeing – ONS First View

Initial attempts to characterise “wellbeing” have been published by the ONS today (01.12.11). They have released some simple analysis of the answer to 4 questions, namely: 1) ‘Overall, how satisfied are you with your life nowadays? 2) Overall, to what … Continue reading

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GDP Data Quicky (4)

Interesting article on BBC today, after the first estimate of the UK GDP figures for Q3 came out. Particularly interested in the graph (from NIESR) below, which resembles the some of the deviation comparisons / analysis I’ve done in previous GDP … Continue reading

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The Power of Graphs

A compelling picture for an argument … … of accelerated global warming. Interesting cyclical fluctuations during 1800’s – real or functions of measurement ?

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New ONS Website – First View

Oh dear. Not impressed. It seems to have added nothing of substance to the previous website, and on first inspection, there are elements missing e.g. lack of trended data in the summaries of economic data – did they think I … Continue reading

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