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Wellbeing – ONS First View

Initial attempts to characterise “wellbeing” have been published by the ONS today (01.12.11). They have released some simple analysis of the answer to 4 questions, namely: 1) ‘Overall, how satisfied are you with your life nowadays? 2) Overall, to what … Continue reading

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Understanding GDP: Expenditure Method & Value Stream Networks

As promised, a while back, here is a continuation of my journey on understanding GDP, for the purpose of link economic outcomes to system behaviour. In this blog I’ll look at the expenditure method (GDP(E). I’ve skipped over the income method for the moment, … Continue reading

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Boardroom Just a Minute !

Further to blog from 19th Sept: IDEA: Wouldn’t it be useful if all boardroom agenda items were only allowed to last one minute, conducted without repetition, deviation, hesitation and the other thing. I replied to a retweet from @TimHarford on @LucyMarcus’s piece “It’s time to fix … Continue reading

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Policy Deployment : Personal Performance Review

Spot on. Been on both sides of this conversation. http://dilbert.com/strips/comic/2011-09-25/ New maths research project “Policy Deployment Game Theory”. .. Dear EPSRC… doh !

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