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Systems of Development

Prompted by an interesting blog on the results-agenda for development aid from Owen Barder this weekend I’m interested to hear some of the language and some understanding of systems and complexity permeating into the development aid environment. The discussion talks in and around … Continue reading

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Understanding GDP: Expenditure Method & Value Stream Networks

As promised, a while back, here is a continuation of my journey on understanding GDP, for the purpose of link economic outcomes to system behaviour. In this blog I’ll look at the expenditure method (GDP(E). I’ve skipped over the income method for the moment, … Continue reading

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Branding, Prizes & System Sensitivity

Kodak : Can a Brand Too Strong ? Just a quick memo, sparked by curious market behaviour around Kodak. In itself the market reaction to Kodak seems plausible based on a set of results and underlying business issues relating to it. But … Continue reading

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Update: Neutrinos, Satellites, Economy and Causality

Neutrinos: fascinating webcast lecture Friday from the CERN OPERA chap. Lots of explaination of corrections and stuff. This might have been one of the questions (maybe the one about drilling a hole in the tunnel) but I would have thought that … Continue reading

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Economy: Looking at Patterns in UK GDP Data (Part 1)

Having acquired some GDP data (before the ONS website change), I had a go at drawing some graphs to look at patterns and features. The raw GDP data are quarterly seasonally adjusted chained volume measurements, using 2006 prices, for like-for-like comparison. The data … Continue reading

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Link to: Macroeconomics from the Bottom Up

Interesting piece of work proposed on agent level modelling of the economy. No surprise this comes from a physics and systems dynamics guy. See link: Interesting one to watch. Here is my posted comment: I’m surprised no-one has had … Continue reading

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