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Wellbeing – ONS First View

Initial attempts to characterise “wellbeing” have been published by the ONS today (01.12.11). They have released some simple analysis of the answer to 4 questions, namely: 1) ‘Overall, how satisfied are you with your life nowadays? 2) Overall, to what … Continue reading

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Export Strategy…

Prompted by news on Monday (21.11.11) of a drive for raising exports, presented at the CBI conference, I felt compelled to respond with my thoughts on the bigger “balance of trade” picture. As ever, it’s a bit raw, but I … Continue reading

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Lean Starts at Home …

Lean Home ? Right. I’ve identified my customers (children, wife, cat), established value from the customer’s point-of-view using a customer survey (an impressive 66% postal feedback), drawn some value stream maps, identified waste, bottlenecks and opportunities for value creation, then 5S’d the clothes, SMED’d the … Continue reading

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Interesting Bits from this Week (1)

Just sharing some interesting items so far this week: 1) Complexity (Systems) in Economics : – well the Nobel prize went to a pair that had looked at similar stuff to that which I’m interested in : – This popped … Continue reading

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Was struck by the sentiments expressed on Newsnight report (tweeted this lunchtime). See: In part of my exploration of the possible use of lean or other business philosophies and techniques at different scales of economic system, last December, I was … Continue reading

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Update: Neutrinos, Satellites, Economy and Causality

Neutrinos: fascinating webcast lecture Friday from the CERN OPERA chap. Lots of explaination of corrections and stuff. This might have been one of the questions (maybe the one about drilling a hole in the tunnel) but I would have thought that … Continue reading

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UK Manufacturing: 3000 BAE Jobs Cut ?

I’m just hearing (wake up BBC Business !) that BAE Systems are likely to cut 3000 jobs in Lancs, on the back of reduced defence spending. This is an attrocious indication for UK manufacturing, not just for aerospace and defence. Discuss To … Continue reading

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