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Site Update – Causal Diagrams Page

I’ve now added a sequence of diagrams which explains some of the methodology behind the Causal Economy example. This example is by no means exhaustive but illustrates the causal complexity that can rapidly take form when one starts to look at a system; in this … Continue reading

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Site Update

The new header shows a slice of a first-stab causal diagram I did last year on the UK economy. I coloured this one in yesterday just to make it more appealing as a header. See “Causal Diagrams” page for the full … Continue reading

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New ONS Website – First View

Oh dear. Not impressed. It seems to have added nothing of substance to the previous website, and on first inspection, there are elements missing e.g. lack of trended data in the summaries of economic data – did they think I … Continue reading

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The Patent Game – Initial Thoughts

Prompted by a tweet from Tim Harford, of BBC R4′ s “More or Less, referring to ‘Patent Trolls’ I feel compelled to get some thoughts down on the nature of intellectual property and ability 0f companies and creative individuals to protect … Continue reading

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Site Update

I’ve now go the hang of ordering the menus and pages, so will start to fill them with items and graphics that give the reader a feel for my areas of research and interest. See the menu at the top … Continue reading

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Trumpton Riots

News: Trumpton University has begun work on establishing the causal links and behaviour that resulted in the Trumpton riots earlier this month. Several, as yet untested, hypothesese exist on the causal components of the unrest including Fire Brigade manning & … Continue reading

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Starting Up: Trying Graphs Out

See how this one looks. This is the pattern of trade from 1946 – 2009 for Trumptonland. On balance I would say “net importer”. Downside – at some point you have to pay for it. I think it was Grub who … Continue reading

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