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GDP : Key Performance Indicator ?

GDP: Key Performance Indicator One of the most influential indicators within most country’s suite of economic indictors is Gross Domestic Product (GDP), or more particularly it’s annual rate of change, ‘growth’. GDP itself was essentially invented to act as a … Continue reading

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Thoughts On The Nature of Value

Thoughts On the Nature of Value After hearing the word “value” banded about and wanted to capture some of my personal thoughts on the nature of value, primarily in the context of the business-like organisation, but with reference to a wider … Continue reading

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Meeting the Mittelstand – Watch this space

I visited the ‘Meet the Mittelstand’ event last week, which brought togther a good sample of Germany’s economic powerhouse – the ‘Mittelstand’ .- in one place  It was excellently organised by Stirling Media Ltd (run by Will Stirling, recently ex-directing editor of The Manufacturer Magazine) along with government … Continue reading

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Economic Indications: PMI Service Index on downward trend

Back after 7 months. Found this graph (below) interesting, if simply because it reinforces the general view that many UK economic indicators are at best showing a stagnating economic picture, but more critically with this services indicator, slipping away. I’ve added red arrows to highlight a plausible 3-year downward trend, that … Continue reading

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Italian Growth Trends vs. UK

Just found got this through Twitter (via @TimHarford) on long-term growth trend of Italy (1960 onwards).   Sourced from :   Just for comparison I quickly knocked a UK version up (from the ONS data quarterly data I’ve been looking … Continue reading

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GDP Data Quicky (4)

Interesting article on BBC today, after the first estimate of the UK GDP figures for Q3 came out. Particularly interested in the graph (from NIESR) below, which resembles the some of the deviation comparisons / analysis I’ve done in previous GDP … Continue reading

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Understanding GDP: Expenditure Method & Value Stream Networks

As promised, a while back, here is a continuation of my journey on understanding GDP, for the purpose of link economic outcomes to system behaviour. In this blog I’ll look at the expenditure method (GDP(E). I’ve skipped over the income method for the moment, … Continue reading

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