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The Fried Egg Nebula…

Interestingly IRAS 17163-3907, the Fried Egg Nebula, lies in the same constellation that the Bacon Cluster &  Sausage Cloud do. The the angular momentum of such galactic structures cannot be fully explained  by the observsble mass in and around them . It is suspected that some dark massive substance is involved,  possibly Brown Sauce. Having … Continue reading

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It’s a Whoop of Gorillas…

… Professor, it’s a Flange of Baboons. If you suffer from collective noun disapnoeia leave your examples here or contact The Flange Trust, 21, Hour Road, Nottingham, Notts, NOT9 OCN I was an avid Not the Nine O’Clock News watcher in my … Continue reading

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Spot the Neutrino…

Use you’re skill and knowledge to spot the Faster-Than-Light Muon Neutrino…   … answers yesterday.

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The Morning After…

M. Sarkozy forgot something… Frau Merkel reminisces…

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Picture Quiz (1) – Supernova

How long did this supernova light up the sky for in AD 185 ? Oh, and where’s Wally ?   Answer 1: 8 months. Answer 2: Bottom left 200 light-year square.

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Lean Starts at Home …

Lean Home ? Right. I’ve identified my customers (children, wife, cat), established value from the customer’s point-of-view using a customer survey (an impressive 66% postal feedback), drawn some value stream maps, identified waste, bottlenecks and opportunities for value creation, then 5S’d the clothes, SMED’d the … Continue reading

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Dark Energy: Dark Side or Dark Arts ?

I have a problem with Dark Energy. Most of the problem is my own ignorance, but there’s still a niggle. Is it a bit of a fiddle factor ? Adding “dark” as a prefix doesn’t help. Makes it sound sinister, mysterious, mythical, even denoting “of evil” . Does … Continue reading

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