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MathsJam Show-and-Tell: The Bridges of Cardiff County

The Seven Bridges of Cardiff ? This is a straight copy of the initial questions I posed at Cardiff #MathJam on Tuesday 20th October 2015, at the ‘Grape and Olive’ pub. Königsberg: Seven Bridges for Seven Brothers In 1736 Leonhard … Continue reading

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Erdös Number ?

Do I have an Erdös Number, despite only having published three papers ? The Erdös Number was the original form of tracing people-related connections through some defined network, of which the [Kevin] Bacon Number is most famous. Here are the three papers and … Continue reading

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Antarctic Archipelago ?

I think if all that ice melted from the look of this picture we’d all be talking about the Antarctic Archipelago instead of a continent – well, those of us who hadn’t drowned due to the rise in sea level. Nice pic today … Continue reading

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Visuals: More Maps and Diagrams

Interesting Graphics from the Week 1) Gambertsav Mountain Range in Antartica (link) 2) Relief Map of The Moon (link) 3) Those pesky neutrinos again. Spot the Neutrino. All from the BBC.

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Visuals: Maps & Mapping (1)

Some visually engaging extracts of maps that I’ve discovered over the last few days.   1) Product Space Map of UK (from the Atlas of Economic Complexity, Ricardo Hausmann of Harvard and Cesar Hidalgo of MIT )   I’m writing some more blog stuff on the … Continue reading

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The Power of Graphs

A compelling picture for an argument … … of accelerated global warming. Interesting cyclical fluctuations during 1800’s – real or functions of measurement ?

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Another London Underground Map…

I seem to be getting a lot of hits for this one. I suspect people are actually looking for a genuine Underground Map which can be found here. Always been a fan of the original and anarchic versions of the London … Continue reading

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